Frequently Asked Questions

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What is tactical escape 101?

An escape room. Def: A puzzle that you have to put together to beat the clock and “escape” the room. All the clues are either hidden in the room or are part of it. As you solve and decipher the puzzle(s) you unlock the door to your room. We now have five locations in Rice Lake, Hayward, Eau Claire, and Stevens Point Wisconsin.

What ages can play?

Most rooms require a minimum of 9 years of age, but other allow 6+ with a private or full booking . Some rooms may even require 15+. Please list as see minimum age requirements in room description.
The rooms that allo ages 6+ with a private or full booking are: Stevens Point - Salon Escape, Eau Claire - The Funeral Room, Rice Lake - Harry’s Magical Room of Requirement, Hayward - Creepy Cabin

What happens if I get claustrophobic?

All events are monitored and the emergency key is exposed. Please know that we are within seconds of the door in case of any problems.

How many people play at the same time?

Depending on the room and how many reservations we have 2-12 people play at a time in the same room. Larger groups will be split into more than one group. Please call for these reservations.

Will we go with other people?

Unless you book the entire mission, you will likely be paired with other players in your quest to escape the room. It’s a fun way to meet new people and make friends. Unless you book a private escape. (Details below)

We don’t want to play with strangers. Is there anyway to get a private room?

Yes. Call or go online for your reservation, book all the slots in the room and pay the no show fee of half price for the extra spots your group doesn’t fill. (Please note that 99% of the time, strangers have a great time playing together)

Are the rooms scary?

If there is a creep factor or scare factor we will list that in the description of the room.

How long is each game?

You will be given 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room but please plan on taking about 90 minutes from beginning to end.

Do we need to make an appointment or do we just show up?

To ensure the right amount of space for everyone, guard against over-booking and maximize everyone’s fun level we do require reservations. Go to the reservation tab at, book from the location tabs or give us a call.

Do you allow youth Birthday parties?

Yes. We will allow FAMILY parties for youth between 9 and 18. Minumim of adults in each room is REQUIRED at 2 but more are suggested.

How much does this cost?

Each participant is 25$ and Payment is due upon making your reservation. We require a credit card be on file for all participants.

This sounds great for my company but you aren’t open when we want to come. How can we come during the when you don’t appear “open?”

Call for reservations during the week and during times we don’t have posted! We will do our best to accomodate.

This sounds great for my team to come for team building! How does that work?

Please see our Corporate Team building here. We do offer group rates for groups over 20 people. Inquire at 715-418-0012. Our corporate program may work great for you!