Eau Claire Escape Room

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Company Like Fish
Ages 9+2 - 6 Participants

Uncle John came to stay for a week. On the 4th day of his visit, he disappeared leaving all his stuff behind. Where did he go and what should we do with his stuff??? Wait…Why is this suitcase so heavy?

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Throne Game
Ages 9+4 - 12 Participants

This game meant for mature players only. The enemy is about to attack! They come to destroy the throne and it is your clan’s legacy! You will be given 60 minutes to secure the throne, your King and defend the camp from the enemy! If you succeed you live… if you fail… well……. let’s not leave that as an option!

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Conspiracy Theory
Ages 9+4 - 8 Participants

People go in but no one ever leaves…

You and your friends break into the MUNSON MANSION! Discover what the big secrets are and find out where all those people go BEFORE THE GUARDS COME BACK IN 60 MINUTES!

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Triple Fright
Ages 12+2 - 10 Participants

What are you afraid of? Small spaces? Heights? Intimacy?Scary characters? Darkness? Spiders, creepy crawlies and more?

Can you think and face your fears at the same time?

WARNING: This room may include darkness, small spaces, and many other fear based things. It will not be for the faint of heart so please choose wisely. Emergency exits have been provided for your safety but refunds will not be given if you chicken out! Wahahahaha!

GROUPS OF 2-4 you better bring your THINKING CAPS! With 2-4 people this is an expert challenge… For larger groups it has been deemed medium+ difficulty.

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