Hayward Escape Room

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Sleuths 'Bout Town
Ages all+4 - 20 Participants

An outdoor team game for 4-20 people at a time where you’re finding clues and solving puzzles OUT IN THE COMMUNITY! Put your running shoes on and get out your cell phones for this one! You’re going to need speed, smarts and teamwork to get this done! (No vehicles allowed, walk safely and have some fun!) This one’s good for all ages but we suggest young players be in strollers or backpacks! One low price. Suggested team size… THE MORE THE MERRIER!

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Pirate Escape
Ages 2+4 - 8 Participants

The pirates have all been captured! It’s a perfect time to STEAL THEIR LOOT!

Find clues and solve the puzzles to escape before the pirates return!

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Salon Escape
Ages Any+2 - 4 Participants

The big day is here! Time to get your hair done and get to the dinner in your honor. You enter the salon and sit down. The stylist leaves to mix your serum and never comes back. After a few minutes you check the door… Only to find out it’s locked! It’s up toyou to figure out how you Escape and get to your dinner! Players of All ages welcome with a paid admission. Only 2-4 players in this adventure. (We apologize that some flyers may read 4-8.)

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