Rice Lake Escape Room

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Sleuths 'Bout Town
Ages 5+4 - 8 Participants

You’re finding clues and solving puzzles OUT IN THE COMMUNITY! Put your running shoes on and get out your cell phones for this one! You’re going to need speed, smarts and teamwork to get this done!

(No vehicles allowed, walk safely and have some fun!) This one’s good for all ages but we suggest young players be in strollers or backpacks!

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Rattlesnake Saloon
Ages 9+4 - 8 Participants

(No live rattlesnakes people… Geez! :-) ) This exciting puzzle has a western saloon theme and is designed for 4-8 people. The More the merrier in here with the twists and turns and even a couple RATTLESNAKES! Family Friendly and designed for players age 9+ with 1 adult minimum required. Can you find the bootleggers stash??? We will see in this exciting 60 minute puzzle!

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Game of Games
Ages 9+2 - 10 Participants

Escape the Game with the Game of Games Challenge cup! Light activity is required to play this game so dress accordingly and be ready to do a little moving. For this reason this puzzle is only partially handicap accessible. Please plan accordingly.

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Conspiracy Theory
Ages 9+4 - 12 Participants

Escape the Game with the Game of Games Challenge cup! You and your friends have Snuck into MUNSON MANSION! Prove what the big secret is and ESCAPE BEFORE THE GUARDS COME BACK IN 60 MINUTES!

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Man Cave Escape
Ages 9+2 - 8 Participants

You have your tickets and you’re ready to go to the big game… But WAIT!? Where did they go? We thought we put them right here for safe keeping… Maybe we can print more tickets and just go. You walk to the door to go to your office and IT IS LOCKED!!! The game starts in an hour and a half! Your friend was jealous and locked you in! Hurry up, Find the tickets and escape to get there on time! It takes thirty minutes to get to the field so we only have 60 minutes!

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