Rice Lake Escape Room

The Rooms

Alcatraz Shackle Escape
Ages 16+6 - 10 Participants

Every member will be bound/shackled and blindfolded! Escape your shackles and then solve the puzzle within the room to escape!
This is the exact puzzle that was in Hayward for the 2016 season.

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Harry's Magical Room of Requirement
Ages 9+2 - 8 Participants

Dark wizards have broken into the castle and stolen and hidden many things. But how do we get them all back???
Aparate through the vanishing cabinet into Diagon Alley and steal it all back!-Remember, Alohomora? That is the spell that was used on screen but how in the world do you escape this room, steal back the wands and conquer thevillainous plan to mess up the students at the school? Try your hand at the, “Swish and Flick!” in Harry’s Magical Room of Requirement!
***Because of the delicate nature of this design- 1 responsible adult required per 2 children under 14

Please note: this room is only partially handicap/wheelchair accessible.

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School Room Escape
Ages 9+6 - 12 Participants

Stuck at School?
Escape the School by finding clues and unlocking your door in 60 minutes or less. This expert level yet family friendly escape will challenge your sleuth skills and make you think outside the box! (Literally) Difficulty rating is a 5 out of 5, meaning that this fun puzzle has been designed to challenge up to expert level escapers. Ages 9+ only. 6-12 people.
Due to the difficulty level of this room we SUGGEST strongly 1 Adult per child. under 12 though we do allow a 2 adult minimum it will be a much more enjoyable experience or groups that adhere to the 1:1 ratio

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Rattlesnake Saloon
Ages 9+4 - 8 Participants

(No live rattlesnakes people… Geez! :-) ) This exciting puzzle has a western saloon theme and is designed for 4-8 people. The More the merrier in here with the twists and turns and even a couple RATTLESNAKES! Family Friendly and designed for players age 9+ with 1 adult minimum required. Can you find the bootleggers stash??? We will see in this exciting 60 minute puzzle!

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