Stevens Point Escape Room

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Harry's Magical Room of Requirement
Ages 9+2 - 8 Participants

Dark wizards have broken into the castle and stolen and hidden many things. But how do we get them all back???
Aparate through the vanishing cabinet into Diagon Alley and steal it all back!-Remember, Alohomora? That is the spell that was used on screen but how in the world do you escape this room, steal back the wands and conquer thevillainous plan to mess up the students at the school? Try your hand at the, “Swish and Flick!” in Harry’s Magical Room of Requirement!
***Because of the delicate nature of this design- 1 responsible adult required per 2 children under 14

Please note: this room is only partially handicap/wheelchair accessible.

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Murder in Paris
Ages 9+2 - 4 Participants

You’ll have 60 minutes to clear Mr. Polipoint’s name & escape this scene! This first escape in Stevens Point will hold 2-4 people and has a fun twist like never before!

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Art Gallery Heist
Ages 9+4 - 8 Participants

You’ve Done it!!!
You have Broken into the Point Art Gallery to Steal the only Authentic replica of the Statue of David- made by Michelangelo HIMSELF!
Upon entering the Gallery you realize quickly that the statue has been LOCKED UP FOR THE NIGHT!
Your challenge is simple… well maybe…
Find the Statue and Escape before the Guards get done with their Lunch Break in 60 Minutes or less!!!

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Nation's Treasure
Ages 9+4 - 12 Participants

National Treasures everywhere, a strange little room and your friends… what more fun could you ask for right?

You’re Locked in!!! An underground Treasure Room with Gold all around! But, Hey… What is in that funny little room made of gold blocks? You’ll have to figure out the code to get in! After you get there what will you do with what you find??? That is the mystery now isn’t it?

Nations Treasure is a fun family friendly adventure where you get to find the treasure and Escape with a Golden Statue for your picture!

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