15 Things to Know Before Playing a Room Escape:

1. What the hell a room escape is
If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you should start by checking out our “What is a room escape” post. It should answer all of your questions… And probably a few you didn’t think to ask.

2. They’re usually hard… You’ll probably lose
Most of these games are really challenging… That’s part of what makes them fun. So many things in this world are rubberized and give out participation medals; it’s fun to do something where it is likely that you won’t succeed, but you’ll still have fun.

Sometimes you lose spectacularly.
3. It’s all about the people you play with
You can win or lose these games before they start, just based on your team.

You need a good mix of smart people who are packing different kinds of smart. More often than not, a group consisting of a talented artist, writer, programmer, and sales person will be more successful than a group of colleagues who all do the same thing… Regardless of how brilliant they are.

You’re also going to need people who can work well together. Leave the crazy friends who must be the center of attention at home.

4. You can overdress for an escape game
As far as I know, there is no such thing as a fancy room escape. You might find yourself crawling on the floor.

Dress comfortably, and wear comfy shoes; you might be crawling on the floor.

5. A room escape is a crappy first date
First dates bring enough pressure to begin with… There’s no need to bring a date to a game that’s designed to add more pressure.

6. Pre-game over caffeine
If your team doesn’t know one another, then you should gather beforehand. Let everyone get comfortable with one another. It’s better to meet when the timer isn’t counting down, and it’s more fun to play with people you know.

7. Dive in
When you enter the game, start playing: Search things, open things, move things, look for anything that could be even remotely interesting or unusual.

If you’re standing there with your hands in your pockets staring at other people playing the game, then you’re doing it wrong. Go on… Have some fun.

8. Secrets are no fun
Especially when you’re playing a team game. Seriously, you win and lose with your team. The guy (and it’s always a guy) who thinks he can “win” more than his team can is demented.

9. For 1 hour, your pockets don’t exist
Pockets are great! They are super useful and they store things that we need but don’t want to hold. And you need to forget they exist for the hour that you’re in a room escape. If you put something important in your pocket and forget that it’s there, your team will never escape, and that is a lame way to lose.

10. Don’t be a barbarian
This should go without saying, but someone put hard work and money into that room escape that you’re playing; treat it accordingly.

11. Don’t be shy
Quiet people have just as much to offer as the loud ones… But you’re going to need to speak up; it doesn’t matter if you have the right answer if it isn’t applied (this is a good life lesson).

12. Shut up and listen
Loud folks like me need to try shutting the hell up. Being loud doesn’t make you correct. Let everyone else speak (also a good life lesson).

13. Try obvious answers before doing weird stuff
If you’ve solved a puzzle (or think you’ve solved one), try the solution you have before you start trying to apply strange logic to it. A good room has solid cause and effect chains; don’t overthink it. That’s a fast way to get yourself into trouble.

14. Surrender to the experience
A room escape is a game, and if you aren’t going to allow yourself to have fun… Then you won’t. And you’ll probably ruin someone else’s time. If you’re the type of snarky jackass who can’t surrender to the experience, do everyone a favor and stay home.

15. Celebrate with your people
However the game plays out, go out as a team, have a drink, and share your experiences with your friends.

A room escape is best when shared with people you care about. Enjoy them.


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