About Us


The TE101 Staff Family (there are a few missing)

In the last few years we have had the honor of employing some of the most amazing people we have ever met. For those of you who have moved on, thank you. For those of you that remain, we are so honored to welcome you to our family! (and those of you who missed the photo op... We missed you!) We build strong teams and these people prove that starts at home. 


Our Owners & Creators: Justin & Jennifer Fonfara

Tactical Escape 101 is a locally owned, operated & designed escape room brand created by Justin & Jennifer Fonfara & their family in hopes to bring quality entertainment to Wisconsin where they live. They met years ago during community theater & after years of growth & development God decided it was time to put them together in 2007. They were married in 2009 & started this adventure while on vacation to see their NAVY sailors pictured below!  The escape atmosphere seemed a perfect compliment to Jen’s MBA in Human Resources & with both owners coming from a hospitality background reviews prove that the choice was right! 


Meet: The Family (one of which we didn't even know was in the picture yet!)

Our Family= Our Why

As a multi member military family we had to photo shop one in but that is kind of our life.  We miss them while they are gone and Love them every day!  the little guy in the middle is Bob (shark,) Jennifer's older step brother. When you call if you hear him in the background know he's trying to be included. (he really likes it when you hear him! LOL) The newest light of our life will join us this fall and will join Miss MaKaylie on our Grand Kid wall of fame.