Frequently Asked Questions

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What is tactical escape 101?

An interactive escape room game where players enter a room, work together and solve puzzles, minor skill based and brain power objectives. An adventure based “scavenger hunt” or “mystery” if you will.

What happens if I get claustrophobic?

Breathe easy, All “escape” doors have emergency exit means. Plus, many are left unlocked and the “Escape” is out a secondary door. Our test groups have had participants with pretty severe claustrophobia and have had no problems. We are happy to announce their joy in saying, “It was like I was in any room of my house. I had no problems!”

Will we go with other people? Is there a way to book a private party?

Our rooms hold 2-12 people with differing capacities by adventure. We offer both public and private booking. When choosing your tickets in the reservation process please choose the “Private experience for ” option or reserve all available tickets in the room to ensure your private booking. Most people book publicly and find it quite fun, but some choose the private option and love that too.

How many people play at the same time?

Depending on the adventure 2-12 people play each time.

Are the rooms hard?

YES. (It wouldn’t be any fun if it were easy!) If you find it too hard, we will be glad to help you through the room with clues and hints. You let us know your objective and we will have you covered, no worries!

Are the rooms scary?

If a room is creepy or scary you will know by the title or description. “Fright, Scary or Creepy” are words that may be used in the titles of our fear based rooms.

How long is each game?

You will be given 60 minutes to each escape the room but please plan your total visit to last approximately 90 minutes from beginning to end. Arrival 15 minutes ahead of time helps us stay on track with scheduling. Also, please plan to spend 15 minutes afterwards for follow-up and Photos! Late arrivals may forfeit time, fees or both. Please be considerate of others and our staff and show up ready to play on time. (that means powder your nose ahead of time please!)

Do we need to make an appointment or can we just show up?

Please make reservations as soon as you know when you’re coming. Almost all locations are reservation based. We do our best to take care of same day and walk in appointments but we HATE turning people away so make those reservations ASAP!

What ages can play?

Our rooms are designed to be challenging to mature brains. Each adventure has a minimum age for players and it is stated under each game if younger players are allowed with a private booking or not. We ask that player 9-13 have an adult or two to help them formulate and maximize fun. If you would like younger players to attend a private or full booking MUST be made. See each individual room description for guidelines.

Do you host youth Birthday parties?

Yes. We do require an entire room be booked for your party including adult supervisory players.

How much does this cost?

All players pay $25 plus booking fees. Service organization, Military and Collegiate ticket specials may be differently priced on certain days. See ticketing under each adventure for specials.

Why is my credit card required?

Credit cards are required to ensure your booking and will be charged for intentional breakage.

This sounds great for my company, school, church or youth group. Can we come during the workday?

Yes! Call for reservations during the week! Our corporate or nonprofit programs may work great for you! Call Justin at 715-931-8342 for large, nonprofit or work parties!

What time can we come?

We have a schedule for each location and each adventure. To look for available times click on the reservation tab and proceed to the calendar. A sample session schedule: 10:15, 12:00, 1:45, 3:30, 5:15, 7:00 & 8:45 (times vary by location and day)

How will I know my reservation went through?

You will receive a confirmation email within minutes. Make sure you check your junk mail just in case. The confirmation email has a lot of good information. Please READ the email to ensure that your reservation is in the correct location and that you have chosen the correct date and time. This email may also include special information and tips on after hours escape times (mall locations) or special things to help you out!

I called for more information, but no one answered. What do I do?

There’re a couple options. Leave us a voicemail. We promise to get back to you as soon as we possible can. Sometimes we are extra busy taking care of life or making sure our current guests are having a phenomenal time. (We promise to make your reservation that important to us too!) Or email us at if it can wait. The best is to call and leave a message.