Rice Lake Escape Room

The Rooms

Back Stage

The big day has arrived! The stage is set, you know all your lines and you are ready to take the stage! BUT WAIT… The dressing room door is locked and HEY! Your COSTUMES ARE MISSING!!! The understudies have stolen them all, locked you in the dressing room and are ready to take your place on stage! With curtain in 60 minutes you’ll have to be smart to escape in time and foil their plan!


You and your friends are stuck in our Giant Fish Tank! Escape before the tank comes alive and the sharks wake from their nap!


Jewel Heist

Molly’s Jewelers has just received a shipment from PARLIMENT! Rumor has it the shipment included the KING’S CROWN!!!

Sneak in and steal the crown before time runs out!

2-4 Players

Ages 9+ (1 adult minimum)

Please use the “private for ?” option if bringing younger participants.

Ages 4+ count as players when using this option.

Three Hour Tour

You booked an Ocean Charter Tour and you’re ready for a peaceful day at sea… until a storm picks up and destroys the ship, leaving you and the other six people aboard stranded on an uncharted desert island… WITH AN ACTIVE VOLCANO???? Escape in 60 Minutes and get away with your life!

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