Stevens Point Escape Room

The Rooms

Tree of Life

In a world untouched by civilization for thousands of years, our people were riddled with illness and death. The earth soldiers used our planet to train and brought the illness with them. The soldiers have moved back to earth for fear of contamination to themselves and the white coat people will return to our planet in 6 years in hopes that we have survived. We must preserve our way of life and our species. We must survive. Our last Vani male and female baby have been secured in a time lock homeostasis. If you are receiving this white coat humans, we are all dead and need your help! Find our remaining Vani people and bring back our way of life.

Old West Saloon

The Old West Saloon Escape takes you back to a time more simple. “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies….”

After hearing that the local Gatlin Gang is on it’s way to town you and your friends sneak into the saloon to have a drink and make a plan and quickly realize you’re locked in! Escape before the gang rides in and pillages the town!

Harry's Magical Room of Requirement

Dark wizards have broken into the castle and stolen and hidden many things. But how do we get them all back???
Aparate through the vanishing cabinet into Diagon Alley and steal it all back!-Remember, Alohomora? That is the spell that was used on screen but how in the world do you escape this room, steal back the wands and conquer thevillainous plan to mess up the students at the school? Try your hand at the, “Swish and Flick!” in Harry’s Magical Room of Requirement!
***Because of the delicate nature of this design- 1 responsible adult required per 2 children under 14

Please note: this room is only partially handicap/wheelchair accessible.

Watch Your Wishes: Caroline's Revenge

Now Open!
Caroline has wished for many things…

Unfortunately many of these things come true and send her whole world into a total MESS!

Can you help her escape by making your way through this adventure by finding the clues and freeing the three lost children?

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