Advance Reservation REQUIRED

Advance Reservation REQUIRED

Advance Reservation REQUIRED


$25/ player

$100 Minimum

Military & Service Members

Advance Reservation REQUIRED

Advance Reservation REQUIRED


Active, Retired or Veteran 

Fire, Police Officer or EMT

Thank you for your service!

$20/player ID Required

College Students

Advance Reservation REQUIRED

Non-Profit Groups


Tuesdays & Thursdays

$20/ player


Non-Profit Groups

Non-Profit Groups

Non-Profit Groups


AND Groups of 20+ players!

$20/ player

Must supply 501C3 tax exempt certificate required Please call 715-931-8342 for these Advance Reservations 

School Groups

Non-Profit Groups

School Groups


School Groups: M-F from 9-5 pm 

$15/ player

Please call 715-931-8342 for these Advance Reservations 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is TE101?

An interactive mental and physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, use minor skill and brain power objectives and escape the room within a set time limit.  An adventure based “scavenger hunt” or “mystery” if you will.

What about FEAR? Claustrophobia and more?

Breathe easy, All “escape” doors have emergency exit means and some of our rooms have objectives other than escape and are left wide open! Many are also left unlocked and the “Escape” is out a secondary door. Our test groups have had participants with pretty severe claustrophobia and have had no problems. We are happy to announce their joy in saying, “It was like I was in any room of my house. I had no problems!”

Will we play with others?


Are the rooms hard?

YES. (It wouldn’t be any fun if it were easy!) If you find it too hard, we will be glad to help you through the room with clues and hints. You let us know your objective and we will have you covered, no worries!

Are the rooms scary?

If a room is creepy or scary you will know by the title or description. “Fright, Scary or Creepy” are words that may be used in the titles of our fear based rooms.

How long are games?

You will be given 60 minutes to each escape the room but please plan your total visit to last approximately 90 minutes from beginning to end. Please plan to spend approximately 15 minutes afterwards for follow-up and Photos! **Late arrivals may forfeit time, fees or both. Please be considerate of others and our staff and show up ready to play on time. (that means powder your nose ahead of time please!)

Do we need reservations?


What ages can play?

Our rooms are designed to be challenging to mature adult brains. Each adventure has a minimum age for players and it is stated under each game if younger players are allowed with a private booking or not. We require that players 9-15 have an adult or two to help them formulate and maximize fun. If you would like younger players to attend a private or full booking MUST be made and one adult per younger play is advised. See each individual room description for guidelines.

Why is prepayment REQUIRED?

Our employees expect to get paid when they work. We did try to rely on people to do what they promised at the beginning but went to prepaid booking after 50% of groups no showed and we lost money on labor alone. Your prepaid booking ensures you will have a top notch experience and we stand by that. 

Why is my Credit Card REQUIRED to make a reservation?

Credit cards are required for each booking to ensure your booking and will be charged for intentional breakage. 

What times are available?

Select your location and any adventure to see the times available. Each location has it's own schedule so please check in!

What do I do when no one answers the phone?

Leave a message! We will call you back asap! We are a small business so know we (Justin and Jennifer) still answer each and every phone call for all five locations. We care about you and your call but sometimes we just get overwhelmed or need to pee! LOL!