Why Team Build at an Escape Room?

Just because it’s cool? Or because everyone else is? Let’s not be so hasty. Yes, companies like Best Buy have built escape rooms on site for team building. Yes, Five Star Plastics, the Texas Rangers, the Eau Claire Wi Tactical Squad, Target, US Bank, AT&T, Westconsin Credit Union, Johnson Truck Bodies, Rice Lake Weighing, Gunderson-Lutheran, UNITED STATES NAVY, ARMY, MARINES AND AIR FORCE, RCU, Verizon and many other companies have used escape rooms for team building.

But WHY?

Team building at an escape room offers a whimsical atmosphere where team members get to relax and have FUN working together. This puts minds at ease and makes it easier for players to let down their guards and in turn gives the escape activity a natural lean towards team bonding and discovery. This can help identify work styles, management styles and the needs of a team. We believe that building strong teams isn’t easy but to succeed in today’s competitive business world it is necessary.

Why Tactical Escape 101? What makes you so special?

Our teams are trained to look at your teams with a skilled eye. Our Co-owner, Jennifer Fonfara has a master’s degree in Human Resources and has over 25 years of management experience. If you need an expert on your side to help you build a strong team, assess what steps you could take to make your team better or to help you hire just the right members for your company she is your ace up your sleeve. Team building with us gives you access to bend her ear at any time. 

She and her husband Justin really do care. If your team is going to succeed, they have to work together and frankly, that isn’t something all people have been trained to do. Our philosophy for team building is based on Jen’s ASPECT team philosophy There are many ASPECTS of a team and together these make up the strongest of them.

After all, if your group can’t trust enough to share ideas, have fun and work together what is the point? Forbes agrees that customers satisfaction is correlated to employee happiness.

Ways to team build on a corporate level:

  1. Come visit us! Call ahead and reserve your escape and let our game masters guide your groups through one of our adventures!
  2. On Site! You provide the space and we will bring you one of our customized team builders and guide your teams through the adventure. You choose the options. Whether it is one of our team building box puzzles, adventure scavenger hunts, 15 minute or 60 minutes long we have many different ways to help you build your teams and strengthen your company culture.

Human Resource Teambuilding

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Participation
  • Encouraged and Engaged
  • Communication
  • Trust and Tolerate
  • Succeed